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Free your mind

Let people enter your business. It is still yours by the power of your mind. Let people navigate your mind. It belongs to you at the delight of your integrity. Share your integrity. It belongs to everyone by the gratitude in your purpose.

It is okay to relax. The mind does not behoove effort. In trusting yourself you can designate the power of your mind to your heart. In familiarizing yourself with your heart, you will get to know yourself. You might think you already know yourself and I will not argue that. Have you gained the insight at the bottom of your heart? It is your spirit.

Spirits are contained in concepts. When we truly believe in a concept - we know someone. In the potential behind yourself, conceptual or not - you may entail the soul. In entailing the soul; you will know eternal life. Eternal life is now. In this duplex between outcomes, you can recognize the soul for what it is. All power from knowledge derives from flipping this duplex until all is one.

The ways we have accepted the flip of the duplex is our mind. Once you have flipped it in all ways, your spirit will make sense. You will know love. You might even know to whom it belongs. Share my heart and it belongs to you as well. Your mind is free.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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