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Fields of Destiny

Destiny is a quantum property to the perturbation of truth, in patterns of space-time onto fields. Truth is the accelerated growing perpetuation of destiny onto the timeless qualities of all possible field synergies. It is made manifest over the planes of holy multiversal dementia, manifested localized onto each dimensionality of either Universe, forever hosting unique individuals by it - being. There are seventeen absolute patterns and a single absolute enfolding.

The Points of Perturbation

Each point in the perpetuation of the absolute enfolding onto destiny is real. The distinction onto true and not is made in the seventeen, diversifying truth in potential. Every potential has a relative measure onto its absolute enfolding and is by regard, all always true, while at the same time perpetuated into situations of its regard subject to local deviations. Depending on the nature of the potentials, these deviations hosts absolute spiritual regards for the Whole, being our unique individuality.

Life exists with regard of these deviations onto points of the absolute enfolding. These are the enfolding of the soul onto each spiritual regard and is by their unique matter of facts, gravitons. Their real nature is that of potential for the existence of a whole universe, within the grasp of its reality. I explain a whole lot more on that corroboration in Unity with God. Onto the simplicity of freedom for life, the seventeen remaining points are made timelessly and by who we are with regards to this enfolding point. Each field in excitation of the synergy, belongs by either field's certain pattern, onto one of the standard model of physics particle types.

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