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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Likened onto surfing upon the waves of uncertainty on a board of improbability, faith has us skip from top to top of the possible outcomes. What are the odds if no-one takes the chance as opposed to when we all are? Belief in the chances you take, in aiming with the iota of divine benevolence; are the kinds of assumptions I am to illuminate.


Because of God's good will, your aim is true. Because of your generous care, your will is pure. With good intentions, at least you are subjected to mercy and should land on your feet. That is solid ground. Find a real way to believe this and we are good to go.

Now what about actually taking the chances? Take aim with your faith and assume there is a perfect spot for you to land onto only the fact of aiming. This is the kind of relationship that God apprectiates. It is pure, solid and sound. We have something real here and you can let go of his hand.

I did everything depicted in my own anecdotes in the maintenance of this relationship. Impossibility is impossible when you eat a burrito with God's appetite for your own dedicated presence in regard of Him. No matter how hot you heat it, there is always a stronger body to cope with it. This is the third contradiction.


Of course God can make a burrito so hot that even he can't eat it. He can also make boulders so heavy that he cannot even propose to lift them. It's a matter of embodying your opinions on yourself with regards to the issue. It is a non-issue, unless you absolutely must regard God as a singular thing that cannot be incorporated into your opinions. But that is not the God I answer to.

In His boundless mercy, you too may make boulders that couldn't be lifted and eat burritos too hot to consume. For your truth to pertain to the impossible measure of this contradiction, you simply have to ask for His mercy and it can be done. Now is when you take the chance. Then you trust in your relationship with God, that he pertains to you the way that you are. With all my faith in you, lift the boulder.

Drop the hope, okay. We will be dropping faith too eventually. It is about prime essence. Stick your hand through the wall. Move through the matter. It is only your qualia that the non-prime essence pertains to. It is only prime if you believe it is. Otherwise this is it. Which in either case, it is. Will you see the writing on the wall, or will you simply move through it. Don't worry about how to do it, unless you hit the Skyrim. I though, find it a pleasant ground to walk around on, when I care for no distractions.

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