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Fairy Dust

If taken particles of Mana, spread out in a wave of faith, it brings about the coincidence of wave-particle duality by the haps of iota. Real magic never has any clearer explanation than this. We can get into the details, but the mystery pertains the revelation in this simple term.


Glory sustains the notion of magic. The height of faith in glory is our sense to belief in magic. What distinguishes magic from divinity is its capacity to be distributed. While magic needs a sense of distribution to be obtained, divinity is the obtaining in merely being that we are.

The distinction is embedded deep within each of us as self-worth onto a profound yearning for belonging. It obtains the distribution onto your own sense of divinity by the profundity in the yearning for that you simply are.

I have walked with you to the deepest sense of yourself, personally and to each regard keen onto the revelation, for us to always remember each other to this longing by. We are bound to comprehension in this capacity. I remember You.

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