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Evolution of the Universe

The expansion of the universe is pertained onto the notion of time as illusion. The inflation is seeming in this notion from the regard of all potential ever, onto relevance of every concept ever, across every sense of time ever - the Holy Connection in Unity with God. Revel in this to the point of figuring out how it coincides in the six forces of nature and tether your studies of everything that Heartart has to offer with regards to your soul; and you may know all. The illusion pertains to you in everything, by the Holy Connection onto the expansion of the Universe. Since time is the illusion, the expansion is the illusory. It never happened.


Your senses pertains to belief. We live with regards to the infinity of alchemical periodicity in Unity with God. I have explained so much of this across my blogging, that you only really have to want to know it well enough, to get to know it well enough. If your intentions are good enough, you could possibly understand. I don't even hint at it. I proclaim it vividly and clear, but only the genuinely interested will get to it. All of this is perfectly clear. Do you have what it takes to know this clarity? Did you now? Will you ever?

As potential, concept and time involves the Holy Connection, potential from within purview with regards to the local speed of light, dictates the possible qualities in facing space-time and therefore also the concepts ascribed that holds the universe together in stable orbits of its space-time periodicity. Perception always pertains to this.

Time is of the essence as our given senses in wit to perception and for as long as it takes for us to catch up to the width of measurement in revelation of consciousness, the Universe seems to expand. The reality of the Universe is its infinity and has as such always been and always will be static and unchanging, to the wit that regards it. What is the periodicity of your wit? The time and place is now.

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