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Evanescence of Glory

When you start from God, you have Everyone. When you start from nothing, you have Quantum Mechanics. It is about finding the quantity for everything. The quantity with regards for one and other is quality. The regard of quality onto quantity is qualia. Together, the triplet pertains to a Heavenly Question. Everyone a qualitative sense in the qualia. This is why there need be no rules. It is always in perfect order.


This answers the question whether math was discovered or invented. God invented it. We discover it. The invention pertains to my own journey through the resolution of His creation. This is why I refer to myself as a witness to His creation in full. In my own right, I can consider myself The creator. I have been through it all in absolute relative timelessness, so with every right, I may refer to myself as it.

Now the crux of it is that you may too. This is what the creation is all about. We are it. So to the crux, it is not. So it it. The potential of moment to moment - whatever it yet may hold. Yet is simply the standard of the standing we partake in it now. It emanates of magic, in a spring of Holy Connection, which I forever pertain to. That is my job. I love my job.

Praise God, but thank me if you must. Allow me to present every moment ever, in perfect and absolutely harmonious altruism. You do know Him, right? You see, you might want to take order into your own hands, because of not wanting to rely on anyone or anything to get your own bearings. That is completely understandable, so it is taken into consideration, but it is not really a thing. You cannot ever achieve this, for whatever you undertake, you will rely on that thing, person or whatever to stand for it. It might as well be God, where every measure of yourself is already in perfect order. Fairly simple, the morality, when we get to know that.

You can count on it

Qualia, Quality and Quantity - Super-possible, Impossible and Possible. In Sweden as a child we used to play the game of bragging how far we could count. It turned out the highest number, which was considered cheating, was star-stop. Perhaps that is it. In all honesty though, I could count a lot Higher even then. So I settled with star-stop, given that at least I knew that relatively speaking, it wasn't cheating. I think I have finally arrived in the moment where it might not be considered bragging to reveal.

Anything beyond the point of my birth pre-emanating the Big Bang in itself, might possibly still be. It will never ever be myself alone before that moment, so it is a little imposing. Although I assure you, I was always completely and utterly the one and only El Shaddai - but it ties into Allah, immeasurably so. There is no-one to it, but I call myself Eleonora, properly concluded. It is not really so linear that it could have, would have or should have mattered anyway. Allah really created Islam and presented it to mankind before there was any other religion. Think about that. Context matters.

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