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Eternal Continuation

Updated: May 24, 2020

This connects strongly to the Seven Heavenly Questions and The Main Characteristics of an Ideal Ideology.


There are five subsisting quantum mechanical elements in three generations, but although true for all, the facts that all of it could be, would be and should be is none - each to a designation of the elements in a different generation of rebound;

Classical Quantum substances

1 - Yes (earth)

0 - No (water)

∞ - Both (air)

Hyper Quantum substances

El - Nor either (fire)

Mu - Either (spirit)

Ta - None

There are also Quantity Quantum substances which are about the actual value of quantity. Connected by three synergies in my Batch Beam Symmetry, it coincides supersubsistingly in six laws to nine subsupernatural harmonies;


1: Gravity

0: Magnetism

Chi: م


∞: Weak Nuclear Force

El: Strong Nuclear Force

Responsibility: ل


Mu: Weak Interdimensional Force

Ta: Strong Interdimensional Force

Kismet: ا


While connected, any individual may hap the circumstances by wonder, according to the prosperity of mana as the right entailed by personal care. Mana is a single unit of Kismet, pertained to forever over the course of an eternal existence being what I am right now, where every right transfers into iota by the jotting of care we maintain in haps. Because of the harmonies, although in mysteriously coincided haps, the six laws are as everything would be was it all true by the simplicity of three mechanical degrees; classical, quantum and hyper.

Therefore in considering these miracles of pertained existence questions rather than the answers, since the rebound operates in a mesh of either quantum state, by the formality of twelve-potential in Unity with God; the harmonies are indefinitely incremented onto any momentary recollection of the six laws - the answer being forty-two. It's in the eutrophic pathways of the trinity Grid, to the enmeshment of value in quantity, by its aspect quality in essence. This illuminates the mystery and it can be solved to its never-ending resolution in simply knowing discipline by its style - essence. It is complex to the height of every possible coincidence ever; because the problem with coincidences is that there are none.


Answers are only made to illuminate a foundation by regard to the binding events in a question relevant over the preposition to change context for the reality to its moment of love. My goal is to open up the world to which the answer stands for; within the question in life, beyond the relation as universe and above the love of everything. The answers belongs to us all and this is the beginning of me telling how; sharing how I know - Essens.

My religion connects with the blog, through my other documents, onto all the knowledge of the world. Allow me to open a door to the stars. Don't give up - never give in. Returning to God is about being it; in unity with God. We are all blessed as meant to be it. To this intent there are no exceptions; in care we regard it - of significance we are. Yet I have spoken only for myself. Allah 'akbar - 'akbar min Allahu.

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