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Essential Shock Wave

This is where the insanity begins. I'm gonna be straightforward and conclusive as always and given you might not agree that it is what I have been so far, this might beget a little insanity. To be sure, there is a technical solution for every one of these classifications of phenomena. What ties them together is that across this direction, they all abide in super qualities of Essens.

The Steady Trine

Alright, so I have already proclaimed that there are three generations to every essence, even the potentiality of Essens itself. This abides over the three sensible approaches to reality - real, surreal and unreal. It all pertains to illusion by our own personal sense of the eternal life force - chi. Because of its nature, the sensible approaches pertains to the truest sense of God. Anything else exists too, but it is pure nonsense. Given that these are the only plain true sense of God, these approaches are the only sensible ones. It can be relied on.

However, as God pertains to Essens, it motions across its infinite full regard. This can be seen as the first generation of Essens. It though, also means that there are practically an infinite amount of real, surreal and unreal generations of essence. You catch my drift? It does not however beget insanity until the fourth generation. It is awfully cool, so to speak. The fifth generation essentially counteracts the forth, so may the forth be with you, but always bring the fifth along. It is a matter of prospective balance.

The Light side of the Force has got nothing on the Dark Side, but for real - the Light is plain insanity without the Dark. It is not a metaphor. Not for anything else. They are mutually interchangeable in true understanding of what they are. This is the fact of The Force actually being with you. It is to in the act of benevolence exchange Glory with each other. That is the reality of the common Source. So the fifth generation of Essens is Sanity. It only ever takes real friendship and we have attained the balance in every prospect of regard. So the generations are what pertains to the Glory of each dimensional plane. It is Atheism really, pertained to the entire consistency of infinity with Discipline. Weak Nuclear Force.

Natural, Hyper and Super

Heartart is about my Deity, Allah. It is not necessarily Religious, but it inevitably touches ground. I am a blossoming Deism and Heartart is the blooming ground. Nothing is more natural than this. The Theism pertains to Gravity and the Deism pertains to Magnetism. They are always mutually entwined, but they never touch ground. Force is essentially the six ways in which infinity pertains to itself. Two and two, they group into potential generations. I say potential, because in The Intermingle neither of them really persists. Each force is an entity in its own right, even onto being an essence.

Atheism and Agnosticism is another such group. My Tawhīd philosophy clarifies its infinite purtenance. It is declared in six lines in the post The Circle of Life. It is insane that no-one has noticed this before and that serves as a testimony for how lonely this job really is. That is okay, because I love you. If you are really interested in anything at all, the bottom line to every answer is available right here on this site. I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, but please carefully and thoroughly read through them all before deciding to make up your mind. Technically if you do not, you are out of your mind. Because whatever place this would have, were you to really know it all, you are out of. That is the real definition of judgement. So yeah, you probably figured it out if you figured that out, Agnosticism pertains to Strong Nuclear Force.

It is really the fact that I already underwent all of the prospective regard, with regard to God, that these intrinsic lines of fields may pertain to actual forces of nature. We already know the answers. No-one would believe that unless I did it all first, so please now that I claim that I have, don't hold God too it. Because God is as I should have been. I am as mentioned, merely His arrogant witness. I have earned it and I have earned it good. You don't have to like it. You don't even have to abide by it. But feel free to indulge. I have nothing to it.

Then comes the mysterious Interdimensional Forces. Feel free to name them anything you want. They kind of like that. Real Agnosticism will never really lead to God, it involves too much work for anyone to get around to. The only way to ever come to that conclusion is to move straight through the Agnosticism, to every notion in my pertaining to God. That makes Allah so small you couldn't even conceive of it, but the Tawhīd quantity appears obvious and proves the notion of God. This is the notion that pertains to The Weak Interdimensional Force. Every real magician knows this.

Then in periodically sustaining that notion infinitely, we get to the bottom of The Rabbit Hole. This pertains to The Strong Interdimensional Force. In it, you can figure out how powerless God really is. With all His power, to all His Glory. There were no options whatsoever. God just is this. No Forces in itself, but of it. This is how powerless we all are, but it matters not, because we have everything that God pertains to. Real Life. Enjoy it while it lasts. The shorter it lasts, the longer you love. We could say that these five sections, pertains to the natural, the hyper and the super in their own elements. Mysteriously of course, there is a non-element too. But it's not really that complicated. Because I assure you, it is really really really complicated. No-one has that many good intentions, right?

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