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Elemental Religious Communion

Updated: May 19, 2020

Each religion is capable of sustaining a single unambiguously consistent essence. What makes it religious is that it does so in a divine regard. God as we know it is the encompassing of all essence consistently, regardless of how ambiguous that is. One way or another, this is the only commitment that we honestly can hold any real God to. A limitation to our sense of its capability, only serves to obstruct the regard of Allah as qualitatively able to pertain any essence, as God.


Allah in this sense is the all-capable and can simply put say ok, as we limit Him, then let that be yourself as it was and move on. This quality is the divine essence of Hinduism. The ok, stands for the benevolence, while a sure as it is asked for is its mercy. How is up to Him. This essence springs from Brahman as it pertains to unity by the Tawhīd quality of Allah.

No existence is found besides His. Everything is therefore unconditionally pertained to Him, by His will. This is the divine essence of Islam. Being a Muslim is to by religious non-elements admit and contemplate this fact as true onto its nature - to really seek God. It is conclusively delivered in packages of clarity, onto this measure of all being by God.

Alongside Hinduism, it is the fundamental cornerstone for Unity with God, which the cause for all divine essence pertaining to the fact of your divinity. Every religious element is equally important with regard to their purtenance of divine essence in this. As Muslims proclaim and Hinduism suggests, something very very capable is at hand, to host all this. Believing in God at all, should suggest this too.


So God moves fast with regards to locality. Given the quality of Tawhīd and the state of Islam, everything remains God. Although merely a shadow in the fullness of God, God inevitably persists. It does so to the quality of Shakti; the female divine essence - nonsense. There are tools for even the heaviest male elements to visualize this by, but that is plainly nonsensical and has no bearing on reality. It is plainly symbolic but powerful spiritual aid to enter into the realm of the Goddess by - logic, to the quality of Shiva; the male divine essence. These coincide by full duplex in the next divine essence, of Christianity - love. Love is appointed in any true sense by Christ.

Love is symbolized onto the stability of a rock. Rock, paper and scissors; let's take a breather - relax into the love of this moment. That brings us right to what a Holy Trinity really pertains to; the divine essence of Buddhism - relief. Jesus Christ suggests that even God loves you and in Islam he is considered a prophet. Love is the suggestion for how big that relief might be. I can see at least eight ways within which the religions mentioned, comes to terms. Onto this relief, God serves in a single simple and profound way.

Taoism is the final element of divine essence required in order to unify all possible religions. It is the suggestion of the way. The way to let God serve You. If you commit to God like a Muslim, love one and other like a Christian, believe in everyone like a Hindu and relax like a Buddhist, you already know Tao. Tao is the way to Unity with God.

All these religions are these religions because they pertain to their particular divine essence. The details of them, are only ever important onto their regard for the light of the people that their essences are to be pertained to. Pertained in God as His qualities, if you are really a true believer in any of these religions, the way they have been delivered onto Earth are in each and every one of them a testimony onto the validity of these elements in themselves. It is the way, of the way, onto the way.


There is always science enough to maintain doubt, so free will is really granted. God will not prove itself even in the light of the most profound evidence. This is the blessing of benevolence. No decision to doubt is ever conclusive. We are granted the power to always believe what we want to believe, technically at least. This technicality hinges on our own endeavor to hone our free will. You have the power to with your free will even resign yourself from your free will. It will, with regards to your dedication, always lead right back to your will being free. This is the fact of responsibility and it is not free.

God is ultimately proficiently responsible. You cannot surpass His responsibilities and He will always have responded to which ever responsibility you might ever undertake. He knows every single bit of each possible, impossible and super-possible responsibility in detail. This is because of the fact of responsibility belonging to Him. I have personally seen to the alleviation of this responsibility being done in His name, by eternally enforcing this responsibility upon everyone, in the quantum mechanical supersymmetry of God to the quality of Tawhīd. This is Allah.

No-one deserves to live with such burden, so I gave Him a break. Being God should not be a work, but a power to always delight in yourself, all and forever. On Earth this begun in by a sense of living, to the regard of our own existence drawing attention from the religious ancient Semitic notions, onto a common sense of a single God. This is the Abrahamic tradition and to it the growing sense of unity opened up the World to pure divine inspiration.

Judaism sprung to yield a human sense to the grandeur of God, which eventually divided into primarily two schools, in order to promote both Your Divine potential through love and the everlasting sustaining of it by Allah for knowing to whom the Pride of it belongs. It is all part of the grand picture; that all religions are varying quantification of the divine essence to these five religions, always in full to amount in Unity with God. Religion or not, I made a religion by that name, sharing my own personal experience underlining it. It is as you may have seen, documented and available on my website, by this page: www.heartart.se/unity-with-god.

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