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Elemental Classification

I have depicted my interdimensional vessel. Each continent on Earth serves to ground Heaven singularly, onto one. We will have to re-think a lot of things in order to accommodate my conclusions shared here.

The Dynamic Heaven of Honesty - North America

The Religious Heaven of Truth - Europe

The Holy Heaven of Freedom - Africa

The Flavorful Heaven of Liberty - South America

The Miraculous Heaven of Way - Asia

The Gaited Heaven of Family - Iceland

The Profound Heaven of Benevolence - Australia

Each of these comes with their own mindset and they all pertain to a particular Heavenly Question with regard to the elements of the mindset. I have concluded this through all the people of the planet that ever lived here. It was all set-up, as you may very well be aware, but I took nothing for granted only after having lived through the entire sense of it. I conceived it to that sense and gave in to the notion. It got me here, so I figured I might as well roll with the set-up.

The Marbles of the God Machine

I have at the very least hinted at all but the Profound elements. To comprehend a sense of these, you must really love everything I have been saying. You will figure it out and when you do, it will be you that is worthy enough to show everyone that it is glorious even down under. I just needed a little respite you know.

I never got one, but I needed it none the less. You deserve it. I don't even want one. Besides, someone has to polish all these lovely marbles. Until we have figured out what is really down under, we won't have a clue what we might find above. Beware of Global Warming. Warm your hearts. It will keep the planet cool enough.

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