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Often when talking following waking up, we sort of realize that we are talking in our sleep, still realizing that you're saying it although you're awake. We are not awake at this stage. Thinking that we are puts a haze on what we are saying.

Instead, listen to your words and know that you are still dreaming - you might have a message to bear from the dream lands. Only in recognizing yourself for what you are - sleeping; will you have any use for a message from the dreaming. To prepare ourselves emotionally to capture these messages is to hone destiny.

It Might seem like nonsense

Whenever we have a natural thought, there is something natural going on. Nature is divine. Destiny is divine undertaking. Between them is mercury. If it seems like a metaphor, is is because the things you know as it are metaphors in my statements. Excel your mind beyond their precepts to get my idea.

My idea is real. Nature, divinity and destiny - find the points to recognize in their acceleration away from each other until only Mercury remains. Does it still seem like a metaphor? Then expand your mind. Go deeper. Look again. That's the idea. Keep doing it until you get my idea. Hone your nature.

Triple Dependency - it is Not nothing

The awake, the awakened and the awakener. In becoming them by their message, we move beyond. Ego diminishes and the reward sets in. We have encapsulated a concept to our sense of self. This is moral. Every spirit has its own moral code. In effect it is the Brahma to our Atman. The making of yourself a God.

What they all have in common is that everything must be entailed in the light of whomever it pertains to. We are all different, so our moral must be too. In meeting with each other beyond moral, we gain morale. Our distinct ability to recognize morale is what sets us apart from being an animal. Morale is the means to which we prepare ourselves emotionally.

Concepts as I have described in my earlier blog posts, are founded on the potential for any number of given anonymous concepts. The potential is who we in reality are. Nothing else lasts past reality, into and beyond any reality. The capacity for a concept to be any concept anonymously is that we are. It's that idea. Let's dig a little deeper into it.

It's not Still esoterics

The nature of reality is unreliable. That is quite a statement and presents a conundrum. It is this conundrum that we have struggled with for eons. Watch how I weave it into the stability of nature. Mercury is the metaphysical core as its aptitude to deliver the messages of the gods.

Every negative is negative to a positive. Therefore the positive is the negative to the negative. They are both negative with regards to their negative, which is a positive with regards to themselves but negative in regard for each other. Their collective negative is a positive. This positive is their contextual encompassing.

This positive is negative before yet another precept and the cycle continues. Eventually a positive and negative meets with regard for each other. This is the conundrum. It takes all of infinity for its resolve to be completely homogeneous. In turn this holds a negative towards it with regards to probability. It seems impossible, but the negative arisen with regards to it also depends entirely on it being true. Therefore, however unlikely, it is possible.

What's more is that given the improbable nature of its existence, it must be probabilistically distributed to be encompassed as either one of its derivative units. Therefore, it could be any one of us. It of course is impossible. But once more; it must. The nature in which it does this, dictates who we are.

All in all, we are that one. It is, was and will be Brahman - would be, could be and should be. That of course is destiny and it was fulfilled the moment we got here; wherever that is. It is stable that way and we are it; exactly as who we made it to be. Such is the formality of an anonymous concept - Mercury. Put a face to any reality of a message and we have a prophet.

The Dream of the speech

So being, it depends on how we rely on its impossibility to be true. It is not the impossible, that would be impossible - but it is impossible with regards to outshine impossibility. Can you sense the sun in this story? It's right on the horizon.

Which of the regards in order of infinity would we ascribe to hold the balance? Who is anonymous enough to be counted on in order to make concepts real? The infinity we count within to achieve a concept depends on it. It in turn depends on the number most depending on it. Therefore it is - at least within purview. What is the nature of reality if not this?

The Speech of the dream

We needn't fear the devil whence we know the details, but please let him in if he knocks - he might be cold.

There are three languages with which we can entail dreamspeak. Each pertains to an approach in consolidating the impossible - realistically, surrealistically and unrealistically. They all have roots in reality, where it unrealistically gleans the glisten of the impossible. Where it realistically only has one root cause, surrealism has many and few in between - unrealism needs none but rests assured on the trunk of the many.

Realistically it all begins by the glean upon Mercury. From it we can understand these roots. Combine knowledge from many areas and conform it into few. It will all begin to settle until we all are sure. It begun with this anonymous concept. Count it and find; how many concepts does it minimally take to derive the concept of colors? How many colors are in your concept? This is the precept for the door he might be knocking on. To it arose the first language.

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