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Does God need to exist?

The question pertains itself in a relevant regard to be answered. The five elements and their non-element would optimally preclude the answer to its destination. Through every miraculous measure of wonder, by the six prime forces of nature, they were to give a single inkling to the answer; on the way to its destination, each.

The Question is pertained onto the validity of real people existing in the light of an answer

It does that. Just sitting there, beckoning to be answered. Oftentimes the nature of possibility for a God itself is left out when regarding the existence of God, only rendering the question "Does God exist?". The answer to that question is properly impossible to answer with an absolute correct necessity of truth. It implies that there is something about God that makes it required to exist in order to be true. Is there even a correctly proposed assumption valuable enough that it is true in order to be real? Does it even have to be real to exist?

What are we left with if God does not have to exist to be true, nor needing any truth to be real, or even having to be real to exist? It wouldn't even beget a stretch of imagination to figure everything out. It shouldn't even have to figure it out, to be sure. It couldn't even be sure to know it. Yet somehow so obviously clear beyond knowing that it is probably laughing at us right now for even considering it an issue. I know we will find it funny too, so technically it is laughing with us. Sure sounds like God, right? It only becomes a problem first when we have to assume nothing to figure out there is not nothing, nor either anything or even something or everything. It is that, that, that - whatever I say it is. Relative to its nature it is that simple.

Then what?

So what better than family, freedom and ultimate cooperation? Is there God? Yes. No. Whatever. I certainly don't care enough to be it. I am. I care, more than enough. All the while, perhaps I shouldn't. So instead, I convinced it to be. I made sure it would be good to be that. Then I made it sure to be good. Am I bigger than God? Am I grander? Yes. No. Maybe. Does it matter? It does and it doesn't and it doesn't either either. God is bigger. God is grander. I smile and simply tag along while we enjoy the ride. If God ever retires, I am it. Gosh, I am that. I love you so so so much. Okay?

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