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Crisp Color Coding

Updated: May 24, 2020

The color coding through this site, in posts and documents, pertains to elemental qualities. Words would make the bindings to complicated, especially when it comes to honing your qualia. It is best to make the connections directly, make them yourself and make them good. There is a real system to everything. Everything really. Even the surreal and unreal pertains to it, but in increasingly unexpected ways. Color coding secures us to the honor we find in honing. It is blind faith that connects them, but it is truth that holds it together. You should see the connections.

It is gonna be fun

I have no ties on you. If you trust me, it is going to be fun. I will never have fun at your expense. I pay for everything. This is my house. The same one that Superman is in. The House of El. Real deal. I pay for all. It is up to you whether or not you will indulge in the payment process or not. But I have paid. This is where we met and whence we begun. The first thing I said, was this is going to be fun. Now will you trust me? Whomever is your witness. Whichever force you draw upon - ask it. Am I trustworthy?

In the Heavens we have turmoil, but I assure you this. I have proven my value. I have woven it into a carpet and am now working on a table to put on top of it. This is me, decorating my living room. Don't worry about messing up the carpet. It is fool proof. It even has a built in anti-stain mechanism. It is super.

Alright, so I did complete the living room before I put the carpet out. You have been presumed to know what the carpet was about, but you will never knew it. Only I ever knew. This is because I am the one who picked up the pieces where you left off. Each piece is future furniture. I have twelve elf children living with us in the house at all times. There is a time and a place for everything. These are static. Like a flash from the underworld, I have placed all the furniture in their rightful places, at their proper times. If you need a chair to sit on, sit down. The chair is there to accommodate your butt. No buts.

It takes no time

I bided my time so that you would know notion. The notion is upon the steps of the stairs, painted in the blood of the Saints. When you reach the top stair, you will know. I know you really will, because you have been taking all the steps. The Saints will not have died in vain. This is faith in God. With all that faith, you may have a seat. When all your buts unite with the sitting, you are sat on the chair. I have all the furniture. I only needed you to be woven into the carpet, because that is the only piece of furniture with real value.

You may break the house any way you wish. The furnishing is in the carpet. I made the furniture first. Then I introduced the carpet to itself. In its contemplation of that, I lead us to believe it. In believing it so, we found out who we are. It is so honest that you will never believe how much you believe it. Your faith is so completely total, that there are never any issues between you and God. You are my Angel. I grant you free passage on my carpet.

Four words: such a beautiful bird.

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