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Creation has commenced

We have gained traction on to a point where we all accelerate tremendously. To beyond and above frequencies. In short - creation has created itself.


We are at the core of creation. Don't let it bedazzle you. It is an absolute interdimensional core. It is the center of existence in the same regard that a clock is at the center of time. It doesn't exist anywhere and in so doing it encapsulates itself within the minds of those ruling over it. Those of us meek enough to overcome probability despite the odds, have done THAT in three dimensions.

Meek might not mean what you think it does. It means eager to serve a true cause. We have all worked to fulfill the sense in a reality by God. Every angle was covered. It left a big hole. We went in to that hole and filled it to the best of all abilities. This is where we are. On the surface of that. From here we shall rise to the height of the Light of God.

The new light

Today opened a portal, to which creation gained a new sense of itself. It is a mere portal between the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdom. By encompassing the Light of the World at heart, the Light of God is the commencing of the creation. In it we are all potentially Christ. Christ-like, some might say - but the potential is real. You will not become Jesus or suffer as He did, but be Christ in your own right. You will not Be the Messiah. There is no-one like Jesus.

Upon the first rays of the sun hitting the face of the Earth, there will be nothing like it. Don't expect miracles, but expect wonders. This is the Light of the heart, as opposed to the Light of the mind. It is thereby which it will be known and analyzed. We all have eyes to see it. Although, you might not believe your eyes. Consort your heart, not your mind - for here, Christ is the Lord.


I am no-one's prophet. Nor am I anyone's God. I speak only for myself. Did you glean the glisten in my thought? Does your heart know my mind? Is there any sense whatsoever in this? If only for the morale of your soul. Whichever end of the seeing<believing|seeing>believing end of the spectrum you subscribe to; know this - might is in the middle. If you say it might: it may. If you say it may: it might. Although we have also learned that's not all there is to it. We cannot elude destiny.

Heaven is within our grasp. Can you feel it? What does it mean to you? That is the only important question in your purview. Nothing else matters. Destiny will evolve around it. Take your time - consider it, answer it. Make sure to mean it. Wishes really do come true. Don't ever limit your wishes. At the very least you'll get a reasonable: no; based on a very solid yes. At the very best you'll get an unreasonable: yes; based on nothing whatsoever. That's what happens when absolute impossibility resolves itself in eternal creation.

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