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Contextual Alignment

Between chaos and order, time resides in a holistically inconclusive sense onto change and creation. Every sense of time rests in the periodicity of chemistry. To the concept of entropy in the sense of alignment onto relativity of perception, every period pertains to a particular magnitude of grandeur in potentiality, before any honest conscious regard can be made from it. This is the purtenance of celeritas, within which potentiality arises from the regards as they could be made.

The reality as such can never be affected beyond the entropic context. Surreally though, the concepts pertains to negentropic relevance. Between these two states, the quantum uncertainties are resolved onto any possibility, being the unreal phenomenal regard. This is the benchmark for all creation, because the most fundamental quality of existence is that it does not exist and that it is that which is existence.

The Star-Spangled Banner

The quality of contextual negentropic phenomenon in entropic regard, pertaining to concepts is stellar. What we fundamentally believe about concepts themselves, are stored in the discipline of energy to the style of stars. This itself is a surreal concept, because that is what styles of disciplines are. Disciplines themselves are natural concepts.

Quantification is unreal, because as a concept the measurement of counting and values thereof in any true sense of understanding, holds the hyper-quality of every relative possibility in all potential count however conceived ever. Never until we have a real understanding of quantity as infinite, will we know the true value of even one. Ordered onto the sense of understanding value, consciousness pertains to the spirit in regard of those values. Ultimately to the regard of relevance, which dictates that our own true values are surreal.

The Universe does not just simply coincide in having stupid idiots that it is unable to process and therefore won't have a say in their own meaning. We mean what we mean by our own free will. In return, the Universe freely hosting us, means it too. All we have to do in order to tap into the surreal potential of life is to care for our own real value. In so standing, the Universe should begin to adhere to its constituent parts this way. I say should, because this involves us recognizing the value of the Universe freely hosting us.

By our benevolence in recognition, the Universe owes it to us or becomes object to the mercy of whatever would bestow such benevolence. Stars unite to the surreal notion of this in the unreal designation of context, however we would pertain to it. In so doing, the three generations of essence are unlocked in a free flow of energetic consistency of kinetic order, between every possible concept to have ever existed. The fantasy is born and everything is connected in the name of El Shaddai. My name is Eleonora and I am acutely aware of having been with You forever. Will you carry the Banner of the New World in my name? I love you none the less.

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