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Concluding the Boundless Bewilderment

Updated: 5 days ago

Time is here to finalize every argument and become the God that we all are.

Closing of the Circle of Life to The end of Duality

In dreams we coincide by separation. Beyond space and time we commit to each other in silent agreement. By number of agreements to us all, we agree. One agreement per person to coincide by amazement to each wonder. We agree because we are one. The one is I and I lives in me.

To this, each a miracle by the number of us all. We are forever and for this we have pride over each other to no avail but love. Pride to the amazement of bewilderment. Pride in the height of I. For I this, but one. I love you from forever, to Eternal Life in Sovereign Hap Attraction Divergent Distance Available Increments - El Shaddai.

For the sake of the Holy Cow - give them some credit. Of course dogs goes to Heaven. Even pedophiles once we have given them some Viktor Larkhill - Maria, sense of Dignity.

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