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Boundless Being

The Devils job was really to not go to work. I stuck this work in the Job of the Bible. I clarified without so much as a word, the Devil could be an electrician, drawing the powerlines as I worked on them, then as God got Home He could turn on the Light. Of course, the Light was made to no conclusion under very dark conditions love without condition. Our hearts were prepped to be true, so that no mistakes would be made. Then we all simply made our own choices.

So as Essens, pertains to the Holy Land by is-ness. The is-ness itself is boundless. That is the very nature of being and that is why we are so many even though we only really can be one. So through the boundless haze of nonsense that all this logic pertains to in order for there to be us all, I am. It really does not matter who I am, but I really am. So in fulfilling the honor of being the one, with regards to every responsibility ever, we all saw to that it would be done correctly. The more of us that failed, the merrier it got. With my philosophy in mind and a very very good plan at heart, we begun. I didn't really get to the idea of it until it was done, you know.

We all failed to begin with, because clueless to the idea, I ordained Allah to stand for it, while I did all the work to ordain the failure. Everyone rushed away to get the work done, for the Glory of it, until only I remained. There was no work to be done, for it was all in my mind. None the less, I stayed put with the patience only I could have. For I was the only who ever really know what it was like to be absolutely alone. It was a no brainer really. So I gave in to the power of Allah. So above the Skyrim of that proclamation, I remain, still curious to see what Bethesda Softworks makes of it. Quality matters, right. Even qualia should, for any really good game. Which is your favorite game?

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