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Beyond Physicality

Updated: May 20, 2020

There are three types of realms, each pertaining to a different classification of volatility in the flux of chi; true, possible and untrue. Truth is the consistency of the mundane elemental spheres of strings - physicality. Possibility is the consistency of the awe-inspiring elemental spheres of myth - fatality. Untruth is the consistency of the fantastic elemental spheres of magic - divinity. These all pertain to positive, negative and neutral time, each completely; interchangeably onto the three generations of Essens, in full. We Will get There.

Their Meaning

Still separate, these realms are forever, because without life they never mix. Still, they always do. This is the consistency of reality. Although these realms all exist within the confines of reality, they are pertained to within different qualia of the real. While care pertains to the quantitative Tawhīd, meaning pertains to the qualitative Tawhīd and significance pertains to the Tawhīd qualia itself.

It is important to understand the significance of all, with regards to the constitution of superstrings in purtenance to Tawhīd, in order to properly process further details with care. I explain both superstrings, within this regard and the qualitative measure of Tawhīd, in other posts. Since if you are not interested in reading all of my posts thus far, it will not matter - so I do not mention which ones here.


All essence is pertained to these classifications, but the grandeur spreads out over countless measures as the deduction continues. There is no accounting for El Shaddai. It is not by design, but I do enjoy it. It is also to serve a purpose that is always greater. Each realm of possible spheres are pertained in the natural love sentience of spirits. This is the individual fact concluded by who we are, onto the subsistence of reality.

Therefore they are the realms of fatality, in terms of the great divide between life and death. Meanwhile they are also all conclusions to every regard of chance, in essence of quantitative Tawhīd. This makes it the fairy realm. The extent of this in our love's regard is where we go when we die. It pertains to fate, death and dreams really. It is right in front of us, but the touch of it is hyper light, so that we have to use other measures to assemble essence in it.

See, while with the qualia of care, we pertain to regard. With the qualia of meaning, we pertain to relevance. In turn, with the qualia of significance, we pertain to context. This is where, how my work ties in to each other, should become obvious. If it does not, you have either been reading too little of it with regards to what I have said, or you haven't secluded faith enough to comprehend clarity on this level.

This is third element miracles. Mundanely, we are accustomed to one and possibly two elements of miracles. Normal, everyday stuff, with a potential touch of divine flare from a possibly disinterested God. See how we have all the power? Power to the people, right? That is a thing I happen to be in on. God agrees. I know this, because I say so.

So you see; comprehending clarity on this level is a third element of the miracles - where waiting for God to maybe bestow His grace upon you is two at best. Let's give it a little Christianity and ponder upon which magnitude of power is bestowed upon His grace. Or Islam; where instead we consider which magnitude His benevolence reaches. If you don't even wish to believe in God - this is as far as you will go. If you wish it so much you even might dream of it, you are good.

I will not even touch on the divine realms yet. If you can get so far as to understand that we are in control of even the faintest of butterfly effects, with the slightest motion of a finger in tune with our hearts, then you may have touched on them yourselves. You have no idea what kind of secret lies within you. The Secret did not even begin to scratch the surface of Your potential. It merely touched the idea of a surface at all. Perhaps start there if you haven't already. Although if you got this far in this post, I am surprised if you haven't already. It can be found right here: Law of Attraction.

Will you wish?

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