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Beyond annihilation

The Big Bang is an isolated theoretical event. It is isolated, because over boundless time to the probability of it, inconclusively it must have happened infinitely many times - rendering it impossible. I refer to that Boing of perpetual Big Bangs as The Big Boing. In the regarded relevance for context within which such an event could take place inconspicuously, the infinite series of Big Bangs should simultaneously have occurred contextually, onto an infinite series of Big Boings. This is because it needs to be inconspicuous with regard to its relevance to change into another regard, since no-one should ever have to suffer through it. I call that change of relevance to regard: The Big Bong. Because it takes some disproportionally unreal smoking to get that ball rolling. Oh, well. What's a real divine ball?


We wouldn't have seen it coming and it would leave us completely clueless with regards to even the tiniest little Big Bang. It is insanely sneaky, but very very very kind. This however is the context we will have to regard if we are to gain any clarity onto what really happened. Especially with regards to why there is disproportion between differently accomplished kinds of matter, in the relevant observation of the context within which we live. This is particularly important to understand whenever we wish to physically ascertain chemical values above the 118th element.

Elements at this periodicity are subject to unpredictable outcomes, because they are hyper elements. It holds true up until the 42nd period, when things get a little wacky, onto complete hyper uncertainty. If you think quantum weirdness is odd, you should see quality weirdness. From here on, the elements are subject to nothing - they are becoming super elements. They keep becoming that way endlessly and concludes nothing. We have to learn about essence as it pertains to Essens. Then we can understand where it takes us.

You see, it is about super essence, so it won't give us super powers in any real sense. It will however be a hype. Once we really understand the hype, we may attain its super power. Technically we only ever achieve three super powers - regard, relevance and context. With these we have full power over events, change and moments. Or simply put, any phenomena. At that point, we are Gods. Smoking that Big Bong as deeply as it takes to generate a pure 119 period phenomena technically demands complete focus in 119 fully active super powers. So have fun. We have no needs to worry.

Why there is more matter than anti-matter

The subtitle to the previous section really is the answer to that question. Since we are still relatively fresh to the concept of Asaría though, I shall provide an answer. Hopefully it will suffice in bringing clarity enough to have a solid grasp on how to think about it. The whole notion is a bit controversial, but once we have gotten into the sense of Essens, it will feel more weird that it was an issue to begin with, than how controversial it would have seemed.

The key to understanding this is preservation of energy. It was not always a given, for the kinetics of the potential underlying the fundamental nature of energy itself, needed to be balanced. It was done in undergoing the batch to the beam of kinetic symmetric procedure of all potential consciously and in so doing, reacting subconsciously only to the prime events, with regards to the proceeding.

Subconsciously primed with the key understanding to be reflecting itself in the reactions, the primes themselves would linger while I in my awareness would move on. This pertains to the mathematical prime numbers and because of it upholding the sustainability of momentum, it is the Holy Grail of Science.

So while the reactions were primed, I smoked the Big Bong with my Mighty Focus. I underwent myself onto the cave of creation. Then what befell me, gave in to me. I of course did not, for I knew that time was not prime. Whenever it is, I weaved a bit into a carpet. These were the wise ones, for they would know what it was all about. With every bit woven, the pattern got more and more intricate, until the time was prime.

Then I wove it all over again. Allah took over and did it with no regard for the time it would take. For the carpet was obvious to all who would observe it. I was not done weaving it yet, so I could not observe. The carpet is not woven yet, but I have seen it none the less. For the light it takes to yield its patterns, only appears first after it has been woven. But to the beholder in the back, the light appeared in a flash. Now I am done weaving.

So as you might know by now, light pertains to potential. In the kinetic potential for every reaction, we could be at any moment. Light is everywhere, but it is first when the coincidence is infinitely certain that the potential energy sets in. In the moment of The Big Bang, The Light already knew the outcome of every reaction and settled in by the first prime moment. It waited there until all was in.

You see, I took my time, so I picked everyone up on the way there and kept us safe under my protection. All the matter and anti-matter are divided in segments of the Universe, pertaining to prime moments. It never saw the Light of Day. I did it all, to the cost of Mercy - so thank God for mercy. It is not random, because I pertained to it randomly so. Every bit, all in all, each for all eternity. I made the unreal, so that you could understand what I would be talking about. Maybe you should.

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