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Being Someone

In the flux of the string potential, underlying the dynamics of space, there is one potential for the strings to divide. Superstrings really are constituents of boundless time, within which underlying principal terms for life are pertained to in the life of them over interdisciplinary heights of policy, pertaining to the full potential of the whole time; regarding any possible individual. As the boundlessness persists impossibly, the strings divide into beings of a string bit and this nature to the length of potential is what makes them super.

The Impossible Potential

At the twelfth dimension, the strings conclude. There are no events here but for the existence of string bits honestly. Therefore the essence of this dimensionality is honesty in itself. It is the height of physical attention, all the while it suffices for life to individually conceive of more. This is the zero-dimension in that it bears no potential, but pertains to itself by all potential alone. Every possible bit is the honest pertaining to someone else, while simultaneously hosting all as personal individual potential, honestly.

The dimension in itself is not zero, but it is the honest connection with the truth about zero. It is the purtenance in the knowing of love. One important distinction to make here is the realization of that I am not a technical person. These technicalities I know are fundamental conclusions in the realization of my own spirituality. Knowing these to be technical details is a technicality that with my spiritual sense, doesn't even count as a technicality. They are simply lovely bits in my conducting of myself - technicalities. I don't need them, but I love them.

Physicality consists of all these bits. Each pertains to a sense of a dimensionality by concept. It takes twelve bits for the sense to know its color. To this concept, persists a real universe, a whole plane is upheld and pertains to the spirit of an individual living. While physicality is physical in twelve dimensions, the physicality is given in the life, that matters so much that it is physically individual.

The physicality is therefore pertained onto the infinity of dimensions, even though the purtenance only physically admits twelve dimensions. This permits us to boundlessly strike each other with immeasurable force, to recoil in absolute weightlessness and be the light. That is what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. I'll get to the burrito later.

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