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Being Myself

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

About being and not being - there is a new term which I want to explore. As we put ourselves out there, it persists. It persists timelessly in the soup of unity that always was and always will be. It means that historically, we can find ourselves facing what we are in ways that we might not be. This I reckon is the purest essence of us.

This is the origination of duality, which - praise Allah - hosts the reality of our togetherness. Because of this possibility, there is always a real fundamental perception for the potential of there existing something outside of and other than ourselves. This in fact is that timeless soup of unity.

Because of its countless number of ingredients, it is a soup indeed. The term I would like to coin here springs from this duality. We take the good with the bad, because it is indeed ourselves in the most real sense of how we are able to live with ourselves - both timely and untimely. It is this ambiguity between what we are and what we are not which means that we can be both ourselves as all and that everyone despite being the same all, can be real before us.

We are all in all. Instead of simply calling this the duality of being and not being, I choose to impress this in the term Essence. The essence of it is unity indeed, but as we transpire through it, our essence though may change. What I am now, despite how I will, can and have changed before it - is my essence.

The spirit is the ingredient that we forever are in the soup. It is the essence of the soul as which we are individually composed. The soul goes deeper than the essence, but no deeper than the spirit. That we get this is Allah, who is the building block and originator of this reality. Deeper yet lies the World Soul - Brahman. To me it is only true because of my love for that reality. Praise Allah.

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