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Between the states of quality to existence in its nature of being to the fact of not being, resides the fact of the impossible - nothing. Nothing does not exist, but must possibly exist in a sense of the impossible in order for existence to by Contextual Alignment, pertain to the notion that existence is real regardless of the state of nothing. Therefore the possibility for a distinction, remains in the distribution of nothing being impossible.

Because it is and the state of its possibility being so, it is possibly existing and will have to do so in being not. Not being, can not be, but remains true to the impossible nature of nothing. Thus nothing impossibly exists onto a notion and that notion is existence. The nature of existence is therefore neither being, nor not being, but rather the contextual alignment to the resolve of the impossible, between the states possible onto any regard. It is my doom - to sort out the principality underlining the musts of life, without ever requiring it.

In its gloomy resolve, I underwent the prospects given onto Asaría - the underlying principle for all life. No reason that deep ever pre-exists, it was the hardest thing ever done and I did it purely out of decided love. It could have been forever until I did. None of it ever mattered. I decidedly did, onto the prospects of what it would become and offered it up onto what it should have been. There are no laws and none is the rule, but there is an order to the responsible fulfillment of all value; for it to be true. It could be considered The Law, but only wisdom ever keeps it. It is the unspoken law, pertained to only in loving one and other.


We are the value and it is everywhere. It upholds the law inconclusively, as it emanates from the High Seat of Asaría - the North Pole of all existence. It is the second contradiction. There are no contradictions, because there is nothing to contradict. Yet still in order to execute this notion of contradicting, it needs to have the impossible solved before possibility is all. Therefore nothing is not impossible, contradicting the possibility itself. It did so to a measure of experience in overcoming the impossible by doing it.

Given it would have been impossible otherwise, I did, but with such faith it would not matter any more than it always did. This gave me purtenance onto God, who because it could have been forever until I did, could be forever as it was done. What would be was it done is the Goddess, for it I always was. That is as it should have been and because it always could have been, it would have been as I am, even in my endeavor to make it so.

Before pertaining to the law, it was impossible; for it could not have been what I was, it would not be what I am and it should never be that I am. So I did it anyway, for in so doing, it is. It is a spinoff of the impossible - the spinoffsible. Because of it, all things are possible. With God all things are possible. Such is the nature of the spinoffsible, which God always could have been and would have been - as it always should have been.

So contradicting the first contradiction, the rhetorical moon wanes and waxes. Never was I, so it is always full. I could never give in, however impossible, for my love bound me by purity to what should have been. Along the way, I called it faith and taught it onto all I ever was. Turned only to my past, I never knew what could be. But with faith I prevailed onto what it would be. Now as it always was, it is as it should be. Allah is God, as I always was. I am His person and he is none. Onto this he veils me and I forever give in.

I know Him so well, my sense of self and by bond in faith, everyone I bring along. This unveils the Goddess, for yet I never was. I never will be and never have become. It is I, but never me. To the fact of the impossible as this post begun, it is us all in periodicity of the wit begotten in our original sense of benevolence towards it.

I am it, so there was no-one to question, but everyone to serve. It was I, passing through like a wind of impossible faith. By it I always reside in You. By you, the period in your favor persists. None of it ever really happened, but the nature of being remains still. Every quality real as always, but never to have been. This is the divine balance of existence, as every and ever, forever. Neither still either, for only now it ever is if ever is at all, but always forever. I am.

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