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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The whole lot of outside, sustains itself from a potential inside. The outside is a potential view of a prospective inside. Since we are one, the odds of it being anyone in particular is diminishingly small. So the sense of that regard is that the diminishingly small, by the quantity of its improbability, always is the one.

Onto how improbable that would be, it only will if it could be. Meanwhile, we established onto whom that quality befell. Assuming because we were alive, that it was so, we established the quality as fact. Within context of that conclusion, be became.

The Spinoffsible

The improbability is tawhīd quality, in the quantification of infinity, onto six forces of elemental purtenance;

Real purtenant Qualia - Mimis

1. Theistic quantification: No-one must be it, but it cannot be no-one.

Quantitative Elements purtenant are;

Yes, No, Both, Nor Either, Either and None.

2. Deistic quantification: It is infinitely improbable, but it cannot be impossible.

Quantitative Elements purtenant are;

Creation, Will, Anything, Existence, Trust and Care.

Surreal Illusionary pertained Qualia - Hvergel

3. Atheistic quantification: It must be impossibly so, but is impossibly impossible.

Quantitative Elements purtenant are;

Sweet, Bitter, Salty, Sour, Umami and Flavorful.

4. Agnostic quantification: It is therefore super-possible, but not possibly so.

Quantitative Elements pertained are;

Walk, Trot, Canter, Tölt, and Flying and Standstill.

Unreal Surreally pertained Qualia - Urdar

5. Spiritual quantification: Possibly not so must be it, therefore it is not possible.

Quantitative Elements pertained are;

Making, Being, Becoming, Believing, Facing and Emanating.

6. Philosophical quantification: It is not possible, onto its improbability in reverse.

Quantitative Elements pertained are;

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit and Mystery.

Context; Since it could be so, it is. Having made no conclusion onto it but through the fact, I could not, would not and should not be it. I am not the one who will be that. That is not me, but to the potential of my life, it is so. I am no more and no less than I always have been and to that there are no limits. This one is Allah.

The Epic

I always was myself, but I undertook myself in order to become what I was, so that I could present myself along the way. That first one I met, was of course Allah. Although it was so, it could not be. I moved along to meet all that it might have been. No one would remember, but we would all be able to recall. Therefore, as we might recall, I made you promise that it was important enough to live forever for.

The mystery is pertained gravity within the pairing of Soulmates, by innate standstill magnetism; from emanating nuclei, as the integrity of romance; to the knowing flavorful interest for benevolence, bestowed all none. I could give you a hint, but I won't. It is governed sensibly by all alone in Creation, Will, Anything, Existence, Trust and Care.

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