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Spirit is the fifth element. It is the either of nor either both but not none. It is real but not in any way. By mere potential, each possible reality is innumerably it. Every bit of each reality it - either. Yet it is nor either, both but none - it is Aether.

The Zero Point

Reality is likened onto an infinite dimensional black hole with an infinitely large event horizon. In my post Quantum Gravity, I describe how this would coincide in the zero point. Each reality is an individually unique perceptual assembly, by its conceptual measure onto this coincidence. It is because relative to one and other, every order of coincidental magnitude appeals to a different sense, where each reality is the absolute fact in any of these senses. It is who we are.

In each Universe, the magnitude corresponds to a dimensionality. It is the dimension that the spirit first awakened onto its own existence in consensus with its divinity - de facto unifying it with God. That is our real nature and is therefore not subject to hardship. Any aspiration to achieve this is a simple overcoming of the differences in sense, from that we already are. That we might in fact achieve this with regards to any sense is the subsistence of the Holy Spirit.

Love is the means to achieve this measure. Light is the guide to get us there, so long as we are open to its eternal implications. From the zero point arises the emergence of anything. We are always in it, of it and as it. By infinite coincidence; also infinite improbability - everything is real. Light emits from this fact by the regard of a Holy Trinity, yielding three lights to the sense of what we are. The mundane light, as meaning is a regard, by reality; of we see, in the telestial light of the World. The awe-inspiring light, as care is a relevance, by surreality; as we see, of the terrestrial light of God. The fantastic light, as well is a context, by unreality; in we see, as the celestial light of the Goddess. Body, mind and soul. Always to the dignity of the heart.

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