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A Static Universe

Space do expand, but it does not inflate. Any contradictive measure to it is only your ego inflating. Expansion and inflation are paradoxical qualities to manifestation. Although they seem the same from a fixed point of view - they are not. They are the least fixed points in any view.

In the potentiality for space, time has an eternal measure. Within that measure, the paradox of quality appears between varying points of view. Although a single one has character, it does not possess quality on its own. This brings us to context - the superficial measure of regard and relevance. Inflation is the regard of expansion. Expansion is the relevance of inflation.

Inflation occurs within the context of a potentiality for space, while expansion is the outlook on that context. Expansion is space. Inflation is time. While the outlook on the regard for context expands, we understand inflation. Don't be afraid of the detail and certainly not of the devil in the details. It all started with an honest lie; it was a lie. Honest, although evil - the devil could only lie. Prince of Darkness - King of Hell, God of Fire, Glory of Life. Although we are made in the image of God - the eternal life force is made in the image of Him.

We cannot separate science, philosophy and religion if we are to ever really understand grasp. We are more real than any of the science, while philosophy forms around us - that is religion. Once we draw their measures together, their real magic will appear. It is a coven - the Coven of the Triple Goddess. She is the Goddess of the Moon - Chi; the Eternal Life Force. The Earth is flat and it is the center of existence. Get real, people! The end is here. We have reached the edge of the World.

I know the question that will arise to consensus amidst the scientific community would this be seriously considered. Not from the religious stuff perhaps, but from the philosophical and scientific standpoints. The religion does however play a part in that by protecting us from prospective fear that might arise in doing so. The answer is that it is a five-dimensional probability distribution to a four-dimensional context, with regards to a three-dimensional inflation. ؏;3.5:4.

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