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A Solid Understanding

Good allocates integrity. The integrity consists in that we cannot see what moves it. What we have is the allotment of power onto the spiritual notion of our sovereign existence - I am. The comprehension of this notion, ties us onto absolutely everything with right. A single quanta of every possible concept ever, in the distribution of our allotted power is available to the integrity of all good.


A being is true that way. In no other way is a being itself. Every quantum mechanically solid magnitude of conceptual dimensionality, above the order of being; is the truth about any coincidence between us.

Quantum Mechanics?

Honest to God, it is merely an extremely complicated outlook on counting the appreciation of value. It is equally extremely important, but beyond understanding real value we have nothing to it. Once we really understand the value of a quanta and its derivation from nothing what so ever, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

How can we know?

Math is the language of how, by symmetric coincidence with the kinetic twists and turns of conceptual reality. Belief is the measure of understanding it. Once knowing what there is to understand, which we fetch by increments of facing all of reality with faith, we have learnt that what there is to know is so simply eloquently relevant - to everything we can know, that it obviously is how we know.

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