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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I actually never really said anything, but it seems that way, because I am;


There are three groups of forces - classical, quantum and hyper. Gravity and magnetism is a set of the first. Strong and weak nuclear force is a set of the middle. The latter is the group that brings it all into a single fact - unity. It also has a natural set of forces. We haven't officially named these yet, but for now; due to their nature to unify - let's call them the interdimensional forces. It all comes in batches - spread out in incomprehensible places. It's concepts; due to their tenacious physical nature.



Maybe someone wonders how I can know this? You really are to want to read all of my work. You can know weird things too. Don't be a WIMP, right? Perhaps not be a MACHO either. Everything remains the same, you know. Through all the changes of every difference; they still are what they are. This is how we can experience things as actually being and in turn be right even when all things are but potential. Even ever wondered what things are when they are pure potential?



It's about quantity. The number of our measure to which we eventually all agree. It of course goes beyond that and it does that in that quantity. We are Legion; for we are many. I love you, very very very much. For those who never knew being a wimp as an acronym means to be a weakly interactive massive particle (very slow) and to be a macho is to be a massive astrophysical compact halo object (too fast). What happens in between? That is the key to understanding dark matter (fast enough).


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