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A little side note here, were you ever to translate this text into Swedish, the proper word for all the shit is "kitt". It signifies the dignified mentality of a Swede - not telling shit from shit. We invented the Smörgåsbord, so that everyone could be happy. It is the ideal symbol for solid good. Accommodate everyone and make it your essence. Is as it is is is. That's my kind of magic.

Manual to a solid Essens

The first regard to undertake in being straight and sober is to keep your shit together. Your own shit. Don't be putty about it, let the shit be the putty. You are the shit. Don't ever try to fix your shit. You are better than having to deny yourself and will never get it straight for real that way. Get your shit together and own it. That is the one and only step to take.

Now that you own your shit, you will be straight. Straight homosexual, straight crocked, straight whatever - you own it, remember? This is the way. You are done. The main distinction here is that now you are honest. If ever you lie now, you do it straight. You do it right and you do it good. Don't wiggle your shit around in vibrations. That shit has to propagate and that takes time. It is incredibly boring to sit there as your space to propagate yourself through.


No - we do not evolve. Everything revolves around us. It does so to the wit we allow. We cease the vibratory quest and keep our shit together. The longer we do so, the further we move in a straight line. That's all the vibration we need. Don't agree with me? Having your vibrations propagate, only presumes that there has to be some kind of catching up to do. Usually someone else's. You are lazy. Your vibration should be sound.

Think of it this way; when we align ourselves in a straight line, no matter the direction - time takes us forward directly. If you really know time, you know that size does not matter. You are the captivation of the Holy Spirit in full, each and every moment. This is all it takes to be one with me. Now I appreciate you. You will appreciate me too, because now we can be straight to one and other. Life is simple and life is good. Start from here. Pride will never be yours. Everything was done before we even begun.

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