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What is it telling us? The Moral Philosophy of Creation, summarizing God in an is is is;

  • Is Five elements.

  • Is Seven Heavens.

  • Is Three Essens.

This is the reminiscence of God, in my presence of the Holy Spirit. Together they are accounted for, onto the quality of qualia from the nine circles in Essens, of the elements from their non-element, over our regard for seven a heaven within us - between ourselves and anyone we could ever meet; to the focus we have. Figure out the math of you will - it is hilarious. Phew.

Do you see what's really been going on? The most important thing in the World right now is to cremate this poor man, under the banner of His will, onto equal rights for all. Can you see where magic really begins? Moral is reality. Leave the monument to remember it by, until the moral speaks for itself. You did this and I stand for it. I always have, always will and always should. Conscience is what the answer is about.

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