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Fine tuning coincidence for care, I invented Essens. It is the matrix of grid to the Holy Trinity; holding quanta, essence and magic interchangeably. This Grid is the substance of Essens;

Every phenomenon is a dimensionality to discipline. Each phenomenon has three fundamental manifestations. For example - the third dimensional phenomenon; matter, has namely its three generations to manifest.

Each manifestation is in turn a phenomenon in itself. Every third phenomenon to a grid concludes an essence. Every element of it would be potential, labeled in its informational isolation by quantity. For it to be so notwithstanding the reality of its manifestations is the function of the matrix. It has three primary roles;

El's Paradise

It is better to not know where we are going, for Christmas is about deliberation of will. At large it is about the choices we make. To which end is a mystery. All that matters is that we do what we love and we do it now - picking out the pieces of the puzzle by the contemporary care we have in coincidence with others. It goes in an instance so that reality may respond at once.

Although our values may differ; to the quality of our spirit we are all equal in soul. Anything you can think of has it, for a simple fact of being is enough. This is why values are important - the things around us may have a soul, but they are by no means required to respond to your action. That is the role of the quality; connecting us in soul by spirit. We may always have our lives in any regard.

The Celestial Kingdom

Above El's paradise; when time is chi - the seven heavens rests to be. Wonder by wonder, spread out above, we know it can always be about love. Trust here is total, for we know what we are dealing with. We deal with our own respect for all. Anything less than it and we are out.

The only judgement here is that we are to be. We cannot decide anything about it for any but ourselves, but we are forever. In wonder we meet, by miracle we proceed. No miracle is too big, but we can rest assured in wonder. It will all be okay.

The Terrestrial Kingdom

In each heaven a ruler is lord. Heaven by wonder but no miracle assured. No care for wishes are required to hear, for the lord a good shepherd tends everyone dear. We don't need a crowded cheer but we know that God is here. This is a real estate of an omniverse.

To each a universe, to all a multiverse; life in the omniverse to any a making of either a universe. Such is a host of wonder; ruler of a universe. Entwined in its lord, the heaven is fjord. Each lord in turn is the return of wonder in all - this is the Fortunate Decree. Moment by moment our soul reflects the reply of it in every host. This love beckons. All is okay.

The Telestial Kingdom

A host - one universe. The Lord of Hosts is benevolent and your life will attest to that in his wonder. We might not see, nor hear any wonder; but life is in us all the same. By it we steer the stars to our rule. We may not know it to any fact of determination; but it does. The only rule here is mercy, but beware; every rule comes with an exception. To that exception I paid the price - knowing all will be okay.

Although the exception is evil. Evil is good to the price I paid. All we need is ask and redemption is ours. With forgiveness comes the wisdom of the ages. By it we will know benevolence. Forgive as if your life depended on it. It doesn't, but holding on to a grudge might just give it to you. Benevolence goes both ways.

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