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Defining the bitwise Bless

Like the pattern followed by charge, the rational depth of logic defines a situation - standing either singular, composite or opposite. While a proton can appear composite, it is the explicit occurance of an opposite. The electron is singular and a neutron is implicitly composite.

Using these terms, we might follow the nature of phenomena into the constitution of essence. Whether or not in any situation is a bitwise operation; to which conclusion there is an intermediary state. Byzantion is the manifesto of nature in the function to that conclusion - Bless; the singular magic amid composite and opposite quarks.

Quantum chromodynamics are the bottom lining of this entire interaction. We may draw a string of insight towards which goal this interaction entail, between which ends it defines charges at the end. The charges are aligned under the very same rule that, which with Bless as the intermediary in its entirety, concludes a bit - incapacitated at the ends to within the interaction of context entwine; a Qubit.
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