The esoteric quality


Within everyone there is now. It pokes and prods us with each other until we sense it. In that moment everything is true and everyone is real. Creative in its source. It is a matter of believing in that which encompasses it forever, with all its generations, orbitals and dimensions innate – from where we can derive at anything. Belief is everything.

Believe in everyone and we shall be at your side, in everything and it shall equalize to freedom of will and in now to have the will mean anything. Divinity is free. That is its meaning. Anything of it can carry either weight. It is at least what the inside of us carries. To accept that the outside forms around it, is human destiny. It is an exellent prosperity for us to belong with together.

Exquisite as it is. Difficult as it may be. It needs to be choosen. Choosen to be true. Because it is true. Paradoxical as it might seem, it is the free will I have mentioned. Destiny only catches up inside. In soul. The part that knows love.

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