The knowing of it all

Faith is the investment of care in gumption

Faith in each other is to face us the way we are. In facing us, we trust what it is. In trusting what it is, it is loved. We may only believe it is loved. Loving it is to believe what would be trusted in faith.

Caring for it was initially impossible. It was impossible. For it to have been it would have had to be impossible. It attracted itself across the wast sea of possibility that it was to consist of. In meeting itself, it became what had begotten it. Remaining what it was, that moment is the initial care for all it was attracted to believe.

Choosing it is in each individual as the gumption to know. Knowing it is to invest in it. Investing in it is every individual choice for gumption. Each selection for an individual is enlightenment by eternity. Enlightenment is eternal by the choice to make a selection. That selection is eternal enlightenment by that choice.

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