The fact

Everything, everywhere

It is all around, in every degree. Every degree is possible, with freedom as it. When we look to a degree, it appears in it. It is all true, simultaneously. To any distinction, it awaits all presence. That presence is freedom, by choice.

By choice, presence is distinction. The freedom to make any choice is the relation we have to each other, as simultaneous as possible can get. Beyond any possibility, the simultaneous fades into truth by any specific measure. That measure is either appearance relative to all else relatable. Either way, it is the appearance we look at. Whatever it seems, all around is here.

To the selection of any option, it appears the measure is true. The reason behind it is that whoever does, so shall it be. Whatever it is, it is done. All that is done is reason, for reason is what we decide. The decisions are ours, clear by every option. Around whatever options those might be, we are the only ones who care.

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