The duality

All the wind’s colors

Painting reality depends on one thing and one thing only. It has to be done in unison with everything. Coming down to captivating this one thing and use it in life, belief does the trick. There are two sides to everything so much that there is truth to even the most contradictory senses. Let’s look at it in an empirical way and be honest about it. Everything we look at around us has a way to be fleeting beyond the experience. However systematic we take it, what it really is – is potential. It could be, it can be and it is superficial. This is because it all ever happened in one eternal moment and is all we are able to perceive of it, through the angles we take it on. As much as this is true, it is also the exact opposite. Everything in between those extremes are true too. This is where belief enters the picture. So long as we believe everything in its exact opposite, we are able to hold it in a balance that deserves to be lived by our instruction. It puts it in a situation that maintains the balance of the eternal moment in itself. This is what the human soul is all about and what it means to have a free will.

Everything is in perfect order in accordance with everything we ever can choose. This is the freedom we have to accept in others. The freedom we choose for ourselves is optional. Such as humility for the freedom taken in others, every possible action quotes another concept, which too will fulfill its own eternity. This is the esoteric response in which all things has its place. Birth and re-birth is based around it. In an ideal world everyone lives through it in a decision to take it all on in a personal responsibility that is now. That within which everything ever only is potential and deserves to be respected as sovereign among it. It is in the stillness of that moment, where we have accepted the bottomline that it is impossible to catch up with any of it for anything other than ourselves, that we are able to conceive the grander connection and know it all. This is the place where it is possible to place any creation about just as we believe it. Where it, the colors of the wind, is what we believe simply because we believe it. The place that is large enough for the both of us.

Creation is the wind. Reality is all the colors. Truth is all the ways we would ever be honest to ourselves. In our endeavour to be honest, the central part in it should always be to choose from what we want to be possible. What we know to be possible is as different from it as what is known is from what is believed. Daring to really use all of the colors is key to live a full life. Letting knowing be the stiffness of our hearts while having a belief that roams free is a good start to really discover what a free will can be good for. I salute the attempts at getting life on a straight path without it. Bottom line here is that to at least consider, reality as being on our side, is a good thing. At least if it in any way shows us how, in the ways we take it to us in ourselves. Be good enough for it to resign if I am wrong.

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