The spiritual providence

Benevolence in its reason

Each dimensionality is fulfilled with the propensity for three generations of it to be pertinent to what goes on within us all. The first generation as it is the mundane aspect of any dimension in the observed prospects to it is the goodness of our hearts. For example, the third dimension by it – which is the stability of matter – is our reflection on what matters by the goodness of our hearts. The second generation in it is the awesome aspect of the same as the prospects of observation by the goodness of our minds. The better it is by benevolent standards, the clearer the observation. The clearer an observation, it immersed is distinctive a prominence to space for a second generation. The third generation of it is the fantastic aspect in the prospects as observers satisfies the goodness of our soul.

The moment the goodness of our hearts outwits the goodness of our minds, the goodness of our minds navigates space in creation. The moment the goodness of our minds includes the goodness of our soul, the goodness of our soul rules creation in space. As we implement the various dimensionalities in this scheme, it illuminates their significance by letting our belief dictate what we see of it. The dictation of belief is absolutely what everyone cares for. Realistically, this is the mechanics of goodness – what benevolence is all about. The reason to act on it is to be good. The reason to believe it is to be true. The reason to care for it is to be.

All the significance of this is that we matter. There is the whole of three dimensions to testify to it. Be a scientist beholden to it if that is how it must be discovered in your life. Perhaps a shaman moved by it to find your place? Whichever way is yours to decide. Faith is a factor that holds us all in equal regard. The reward is ultimately equal for us all and all the roads leads to it. Energy, mass, matter, force, change, care, imagination, individuality, possibility, exchange, expertise and honesty. The list goes on and those are the aspects to lead us on to how far it does. In the end it has only shown us that all it is about is us. Because we live, it is true. Because of any truth, it lives. Because it lives, it is all. The meaning of it all is to do whatever we want with it.

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