The silent agreement

A life free for all

When we glance toward the horizon, it is at the beholding in three generations of space. One pertains to the visibility of potential, where the difference between any observation and its true spatial content is the distance to it by the speed of light. The possibility for the whole universe to have changed within the regard of distance in time to anything beheld under a linear assumption is always complete. The preconceived notion of that light would have to travel the whole distance in order to mediate any change has a breaking point under which all possibility must concede – belief. By this possibility, all light is inferred with significance of anything that might mean something to someone that could see what goes on.

The second generation ties to the multiverse in its dynamic influence over what may exist in any given point at all times. The distance to any point increases its dynamic aptitude by a factor of how many of the smallest conceivable units of sense it may contain. The number we make up is belief. There is an innate application of estimation for every living being to apply belief in. By believing everything at once, the instigation of care may govern how any plausible outcome is inclined toward perception. Care is the dimensional aptitude for significance within any given specification. It marks the tolerable fluctuations of access within which shifts between dimensional branes are righteous. All actions are permitted from here.

The third generation is the force of care from personal standing involved as truth to be reckoned by all to cross its path. The divine reckoning is a precedence over all things by that which may encompass it to any degree in soul. It has a credence from its significance to the order in which any at all does, shall and may care. The omniverse is all the possible ways in which it may vary. Each element has an innate necessity to care by the meaning it puts on the lives of those who must abide to experience. By accepting itself and all of those around, each element of possibility must ultimately care for all to in soul be able to choose from the full range of selection that imagination provides for as the opinion to govern how life is lived.

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