The heavenly choir

Six times nine

Gumption consists of generations, orbitals and dimensions, that constitutes the space-time continuum. It is made up of current, moment and soul as why love, life and brilliance is conducted. Formed out of acceleration, us and essence which makes out ephemeral, esoteric and empirical measures, it is discovered.

All entwined in force, dynamics and potential it is how magic, care and meaning intertwine. Combined between gravity, magnetism and interaction into when the occurance of integrity, influence and power unfolds it is the law of attraction. Attracting in one unit per each mundane, awesome and fantastic aspect where divinity, eternity and infinity melds; it blends.

The base, pace and embrace of all living, forms into what we may perceive of something, everything and anything. Turned to face the ultimate mixture of someone, everyone and anyone as who we all are, it brings answers to issues of purtenance between the observed, the observation and the observer. It in itself is the objective, the subjective and the abstract as whatever would, should and could have been.

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