The meaning of life

To care

To appreciate the answers it is essential to believe the nature of the questions. The analogy for understanding it laid out in any number of praxes for convention, organises the appreciation to that degree. Why, for example, answers any question to a degree of magnification equal to accumulating reason in seven dimensions as it is the seventh praxis. The nature of any question may be taken to a magnification by any dimensionality – the true ramification of sense in reason from which the answer derives. Why we live is by this standard therefore only applicable to any final discernment given seven dimensions of space to discover it in.

The same goes for any other way to ask. It always pertains to conclusion this way. How, being the fifth way to convene, is pertaining to both the fourth; time and the fifth; change, as well as any other essence of nature beneath it. For this reason it – how – is particulary suitable to solve issues of space and time within. Anything above it, such as which, why and other senses that are yet to be resolved, are approriate to appreciate higher regards in. Sense itself is common by it.

Every essence consists of another, a whole new level of another possible composition. The elementary fundament for each possibility is ultimately that everything may exist. It is therefore a part of everything else by the composition of how it can be so. It is true like that in all and the consistency of it is a varying distance to everything within its composition. All of space is contained within every object by the subjective experience of how it bends around itself to abstract every possibility at each turn. These are the elements of each option, all coming true by a common collaboration of consciousness, into them.

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