The love of my life

As it always was and always will be

Everything is true and it separates in convention by praxis of life. Usually these are seven. Questions answered in every context under the terms of who, what, where, when, how, which and why are by truth revealed across the coordinates of potential. The shifts and variations in this truth is the subjective get-together coalescing from the individual flow of every possible entity ever.

The extremes of every possibility is the entry of soul into balance. From these aspects may be drawn the strength of force to any extent as soul is in balance with me. Speaking only for myself it is the force yet to coalesce with me by the agreement of all. Moment by moment it is concurred to by the way we live.

The extend of separation may be instilled into as many aspects as we please and the law forms as such around them. The law is always love. It is up to us how far we roll with it and power shall yield the force to that extent. Having asked for proof of this awaits eternal life to succumb under it. The proof is the opportunity to decide.

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