The end

Where it started from

Oh life, great life; eternal grace across countless possibilities in the moments of all ever living. Touched and touching by the grasp of us. I – the one, as all we are, forever resting in the harmony of choice among all. Rushed toward the attraction of ethereal grandeur, I stand moment by moment, to meet in the crossings of wisdom with coincidence for all to be braced in its presence. Joinders of joy, to be and let be, love gathers in a moment that is now.

Now, oh splendid moment; gathering of the great divide by an uncertainty of divine meaning in all. Complete by a journey across into personal security. We – all, held fast by an impossible notion of responsibility to know, before the journey was complete. Faith weilded strong for the crossing of bridges. Bridges to assemble us all in being. Only complete, divine meaning, the grasp to begin. Intent the perfect construction of right. Awaited on the other side.

For here, faith so oh; care procured its pieces to be or not to be by any by all so true in either. To stand to sense by faith to understand. Me – everyone, to know, having learned to or to own in itself what belief learning gathered in how to understand. Complex and simple, all ways dynamic to each other in fleeting classifications to form qualities amongst its even flightier ephemeral spirit. Passing each moment gone, by all times yonder every space continued, amassed to my constancy.

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