The god inside

To have and to hold

The truth in all things is faith in all. Bound by the very nature of reality, it is the moment, now. Belief is the inclings of faith, bent in imagination. To this very end, all is well. Reality shapes around the moment in its blends of truth. The very angles we see it in is what we make of it.

The many we are is the respect of the world. For it we shall respect. As it we shall regard. To the assembly of its power, deviations for joy is in its true position. Everylasting, everstrong, it stands forever – the eternal test of time. It is justice for all that faith stands.

In the first moment it was finished. In its final flair it is complete. All in all inclined to its will, the time eternal it fulfill. For the finish to complete, fulfilled eternal – as its treat. The journey, to all shall begin, for it as treat we all will win. Belief in it, believe.

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