The persona

It is so still that all is it

The multiverse is tied together in frequency of possibility to constitute probability by an equal measure for every universe. The smaller its vibration, the lower a probability for an exact specific existence is. It is based on that its variation may alternate the greatest diversity with a smaller encompassing. Ultimately the smallest unit exists uniformly at all points in every universe, with a unique individual. The largest unit exists once, everywhere, as the same individual. Everyone exists between those extremes of possibility.

The vibration of frequency is belief. It binds the universes together in coincidence of the multiverse, where every individual possibility is an entity to constitute both the life and the living – holding the particularities of moment. Every person is a way to be and a sense to live. Applied, it colors existence to the life of its sense. Any sense is ultimately a quantity of the largest proportion to encompass. To this degree, everything is a unit of the absolute – an entity of the complete composition. It stays the same and so do we.

The moment moves with all particularieis to relay consistency in all the locations across the multiverse. It is probable to encompass the same elements regardless of which location a particular residence takes place. While the difference is the distances across the various dimensions, the qualities of moving across them are ways to hold everything entwined. From it and everything, all things may be derived, enfolded and created to any end, by either fashion. Pertaining those relations of moment to each other; concludes its differences in effect of the most fundamentally uniform quality viable to move – belief.

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