The absolute

I am, that I am

I believe that every quality consists of an infinite amount of possibilities for how an underlying quality is spread. It is signified in dimensions for the particular resolution to describe it. Three for matter and two for mass for example. Any fraction is a spread of the underlying quality. Anything imaginable to it is true for what it is. It is boundless to any degree.

The possibility for anything to be believed has always existed in relation to the elements to be or not to be. The elements in turn is that possibility by the boundless measure of a spread in dimensions to be what they are. Consciousness is swept by those elements as they are believed. All manners are balanced in an absolute capacity by grasping everything as such. That is choice by containment of all the degrees of freedom dictated.

Love is the opportunity for all these factors to be chosen in a personal manner. I have complete confidence in my abilities by opening to everyone choosing among this capacity in an equal manner. It is the fashion in which freedom is dictated to any personal effects. Freedom is wisdom in the boundless. The degree of accuracy to any personal effect is right.


  1. Mike Campbell says:

    Question… If believing is everything….Can a individual transpose time,space , and possibly the natural laws that govern the singularity of being that has already been , from a future point in time to rewrite and or alter past physical recorded materials by only using belief in con juncture with mentally focused thoughts either knowingly or unknowingly ?
    ( Please forgive any written or punctual errors … I’m just trying to articulate a correct and focused question in the similar syntax I read. I am uneducated an more accurately to the point a simple person …This type of vocabulary is irregular for me .)

    • Eleonora says:

      Yes, per definition. I recon that the past and future are two conjoining angles on the possibilities that we have together. It makes everything potential of that regard. It is my sincere wisdom that belief is the direction we make out our lives in through those possibilities and that everything accompanies us as such. Mainly though, that is what the natural laws are. Going against them or working to overcome them is a bit like denying the pieces that makes it so. The singularity of being resides beyond time and space and is simply streaming the experience of the hard facts that the possibilities consists of, in any order. It is the static of the absolute. To be.

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