The coming together

Mastering love

The act of always maintaining a composure of love for everything in every moment is every problem solved. The assemblage of love concludes what has been taken in its direction by having all the force of my significance conduct straight through it. What connects on the other side is the reconciliation of righteousness. It may seem insignificant in the light of worldly measures although it is the truest form of power of them all. Reality spans around this significance and it appears as our faith vested in it. The way that I choose my life to be true is my personal direction in it.

This is the way of a benevolent god. Although it may be difficult to know whether that is a true state of it – this is the way it goes. I think if we all decide to search deep in our souls for it, we may find that it is how we have agreed to abide by it. This is how all of eternity is going to function. May we all be nimble through its ways.

The world around us is the assembly of just how nimble we are. It may seem cruel, though from some standpoint that still holds, it is still fair. Every little bit of it is fair. The cancer, the starvation, who gets a good love life and so forth. To be responsible for absolutely everything is the most difficult thing a human can conceive. Among the absolute capacities of reality it is a matter of a complete personal standpoint – to hold the integrity of a complete being. I would have stopped at the first commandment of the Torah: Believe in god. Given all else shall be added onto us, I suggest we all do. Seeing is believing.

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