The common denominator

An equal energy everywhere

The relationship between the observed, the observation and the observer is the movement in quantity as belief among the generations, orbitals and dimensions of space-time. Continuity progress by the units of these relationships as belief comes together between everyone. Belief comes together by an absolute free choice. The various generations, orbitals and dimensions are available on every level and as comprised in the three generations required to specify the observed, the observation and the observer, its relationships are coherent with physics. Put into orbitals of its common situation circulated, the various available factors makes due for a difference in locale of the moving quantities by incrementally weighing up for an expansion toward complete unity. The physics of every dimension is different by simultaneously having every increment available across its whole space. The time of it is the place in continuity present by its quantified movement. It is done by that which smootly moves across every possible factor to settle freely with either – life. Life in respect of each other moves with choice. The amount of respect is the amount of freedom able to be divided into the observed. Observations are made from the agreement we have of it. The observers have power accordingly.

Zero is both at the beginning and the end to the spectrum of infinity. In order to comprise a view to take us both inward and outward in space, it needs to begin and end in the possibility for an infinitesimally large and small point making up both. It is quantum gravity. Between is every unit. Comprised by the polarity of any size, it relays the connection to any amount of respect. It is the quality that any form needs to hold in order to be real. Held in love it mediates the fullness of a whole being. The time of the mediation is what separates all of us into entities. Each entity is a part of the whole continuum, to relay every possibility. Choice made from it means something, because it is made by someone. Anything someone means is conveyed to actuality across its individual connection with everyone in love. It holds love to the mediation of all truth. To the possibility of all beginning, it is equal to, the end. Every truth is ever-present in its image. It is all real to an equal measure – being what it is. The reality of being anything in particular, is truth. As everything pertains to each other for a relaying reflection, it is sure to really be. By all that may be discovered, those reflections are sure to give off what we all agree on. We are all involved to our own delight in every scenario and that is based on how we see the world.

Perception is the incremental expansion. It goes in all directions and sets everything apart according to meaning. As agreements are made, entities are spread apart in the moment – making for personal experiences. The moment touches perception in the selections of its entire expansion. Inside that purview, the closest connection that every individual may have is the stuff of synchronicity, spread across the moment. Force takes form in each universe as matter spread apart by every possible constellation, appealing to balance by an equally complete counterpart in anti-matter – symmetrically consigned to each other with a bond of super-matter. Moving in all directions, it is the perception in which all experience is confined. It goes onward forever being real onto every level. From here can be drawn every essence. Conjured from the depth of soul onto our delight. By the balance found in delight with others, the powers to do so grow. Balance is found in compassion and compassion is found in formidability. By the formidable feat of holding everyone dear by the grace of family, the status of equanimity is held by heart. By its form, order completes itself to the esteem we hold it in. By the honesty of each individual to do so, the universe pertains to our every whim in wishes. Furthered by wishing it eternal, our lives are it, perfected.

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