The formula

Everything has an amount in it

I am going to device a model for a medium to make theories in, here. It consists of three elements to formulate its relationships in. I have labeled them “G”, “O” and “D”. G for generations. In numbering the relationships to convene with the elements of specification, explaining takes place in three generations. As such there are the whole numbers, its fractions and the digits to describe the fractions. O for orbitals. It can be likened to the second generation – the fractions. D for dimensions. The digits may be seen as the resolution to resolve the entire collection of possibilities with, in its base. It includes integers.

To maintain a true relationship between the orbitals and dimensions, depending on its degrees of freedom required to act entirely separated from each other, the base would have to be infinite. Instead it may be exclaimed in a series of consecutive relationships within a base that holds the static nature of entities true across the potential to write an infinite amount of digits for any number – honesty, twelve in numerology. Honesty is enough to express any meaning and as it is elaborated in three consecutive units it can be used to signify any entity. To make further due and symbolize interaction, equations are necessary. Further along comes reason and it can be marked out in arrays of equations.

These numbers are meant to represent stages in a boundless acceleration of unity by which every element and combination thereof can ever exist as in relation. All of it exists relative to each other and has a real significance pertaining to anything as such. It can be understood in the innate relationships of all units. For every stage of separation from its infinite jumble, a container for its emerged symmetry to become whole altogether is required. That is the principle behind how all the units are organized, quantifying belief. It is the formulation around coincidental probability between the observed, the observation and the observer. That is it.

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