The sense of it all

Justice to the living

Belief inclines the soul toward revelation. Revelation consists of moments. Moments are movements to stand in the purview of a glance. Every purview has a specific resonance to any particular angle in certain spatial context that yields experience in the directions particles point toward the holy moment – now. Now holds consciousness to contextually contain the glance within conceptual reality of what every sentiment to the soul means. It is the sentiment of experience that yields perception to the meaning of soul. Together in each concept there is the plausibility for each infinitude of it to form around the wishes granted by everyone else. Wishes has the value of pertinent meaning for the existing beings and holds a place accordingly. Everything comes together along the lines of its sentiment from point to point.

Now is the multiversal relative exchange of particular mass across all the consciousness that perception expands by the ever growing potential induced into revalation. Potential is the expanse of perception into all that consciousness can pertain to. From it we may choose – choose any selection of being. The choice among these options are selectively always into a smaller area than the possibilities provides for. Because of this, the intent for selection induces the differentiating potential for the fulfillment of its whole span, in force making up for its experience. Nature is formed around an equilibrium. Realities are formed across a fairness of balance, as they are numerous enough, to in pertinence together completely take each other out. It renders a source of possibility, to maintain any strength of either imaginable substance, to hold in all situations.

To wield this as a human, it needs to be completely enfolded in belief. Belief owns the possibility for any reality in the expanse between either universe. Stagnant in the indetermintation for existence to be, it awaits the decisions of intent to amass change in the spectrum of relativity, giving directions across equilibrium. All stagnation gathered in the glance of its equanimity for all, captivates mass around the virtual particles that conceptual coherency gives weight to by the sense determined. Determined sense is intent agreed upon. All agreement is gathered in the stagnation of eternal acceleration into aspects of manifestation to accelerate across. Eternity is the acceleration of manifestation into every infinitude of it by any aspect ever plausible. It exists as the ether, surrounding all manifestation, in its enfolding space of turning any direction true.

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