The funny way of looking at it

Humor that translates well

I believe that the metaphysical can be described as innate connections of the physical. It is usually simplest to describe its qualities in words. As it corresponds to its present state in any current, a few words generally suffice to ascribe its most common praxis. The most common praxes are elements found in nature. The more complex it becomes, the higher its natural occurance takes place in dimensionality. The dynamics of the particular dimensionality is contained in its sub-elements and divides into reason among its elements. Together, its whole probability is spread across an infinite avenue of space.

The first generation of the space in any particular dimensionality is focused around its potential. It gathers in particles around its containment across probability. The second generation holds that probability in every particle of itself and is focused around its dynamic. It can be experienced as the specific distance each particle has to all else, in collaboration with its qualities. The third generation takes all those distances into each position it inhabits and exposes the collaboration as it is focused around force. It feels as if looking at everything, through everything, in everything.

In describing the metaphysical qualities, it can be coordinated with other traits to use in constructing both magical and mechanical devices. Its properties are present in everything according to its significance across a boundless space-time continuum. It provides access to the multiverse and an option to rise above its mundane form. The properties of all significance relaying across a holy medium is the coincidental reason for the M in M-theory to stand for mediation. Coincidental in the same manner that fourtytwo is the answer to which angle to progress in to transcend this holy medium, being six times nine.

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