The good life

To make fantasy, imagination is congruence

I want to live in a fantasy world. In case the statement in the subheading is true, which it must be, let’s face it – it is fantasy. We have to believe it in order for the world to hold it as it sort of is the same thing. The difference is that on the one side I believe it and on the other side we all believe. We are the world.

Forming around the focus we all put on it, such as habit for today, it is the only way it is true to be what it is. At least if it has any kind of connection to us that has to experience it, which the experience is a testimony of, we have a say in it. That say is what it means to us. Opinion turns into the stuff surrounding us in connection, even in the ways reality has to take us about. Particularily while floating about in respect. The resonance with each other in this is the stimulation of imagination between one and other, rendering an immediate response according to the respect taken from reality – that which is the score settled between us. Born anew in each moment like this. We are the children.

For every participation there is an accurate response of reality. It is spiritually bound to truly hold the value of anything that would reason with it. As much as there are natural ways to conclude these values, there is still an individual correspondence required from each of us to set the value for anything it would mean. There might be events and issues going on without anyone, in the most hapless sense, because of it adding up to a completely feckless subsistence. In it, life were to transpire along the angles and edges in it because it was even too pointless to meaninfully sustain itself in any other sense. Standing between the two possibilities, life would have to decide for itself. Having a choice like this, imagination seems to be the given thing to take the surrounding for. Let’s start giving.

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